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Just wondering if my Rain Dance Team is good or not or if any form of adjustments are needed, thanks

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Hey guys and girls,

Just wondering if my pokemon team is good enough competivily

Politoad@Leftovers - Drizzle



Perish Song


Lead pokemon, sets up Rain for rest a battle (unless other weather pokemon/move is used) can badly poison and end games.

Volcarona@Wise Glasses - Flame Body

Bug Buzz

Fiery Dance

Quiver Dance


Takes care of the grass types and sweeps easily sometimes. Overall helps the team a lot.

Tentacruel@Black Sludge - Rain Dish

Toxic Spikes

Rapid Spin



Sets up so Toxic might not be needed, Spinner so set ups on my pokes are gone.

Latios@Choice Scarf - Levitate


Draco Meteor

Hidden Power Fire


The Dragon of the team, always is one and can take care of a lot of threats

Jellicent@Leftovers - Water Absorb





Bulky and just walls everything while healing and taunting the opponent, Scald is there for burn

Espeon@Leftovers - Magic Bounce

Calm Mind

Baton Pass

Stored Power

Hidden Power Fighting

Calm Mind twice then either Stored Power everything or Baton Pass into Volcarona or Latios, can be changed but works nicely

Thanks for the help.

Firephoenix1997 out

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Just one thing: why not run Hidden Power Fighting or Thunder over Hidden Power Fire on Latios? On a rain team, it seems quite counter-intuitive, as it is mostly to target Scizor and Ferrothorn, but the damage is rather low in the rain [65.2% - 78% vs 4 HP Scizor, for example]. Surf in the rain does around the same damage as HP Fire [66.3% - 78.4%] to Scizor, who is going to hurt Latios significantly anyways , and Ferrothorn will just wall that move. You can at least hurt Tyranitar with HP Fighting should it show up, or run Thunder to benefit from the rain.

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