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BW B2W2 Event - Pokémon Center Genesect

King Impoleon

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A new Genesect Event has been announced throught CoroCoro for Japan. Distribution will be for 1/11 ~ 2/10/2013 in various Pokémon Center Stores.

It is unknown whether it is distributed as Shiny!


Level: 50

OT: P2ラボ

ID: 01113

Ability: Download

Nature: ???


Techno Blast

Magnet Bomb


Signal Beam

Item: ???

PokéBall: Cherish

Ribbon: Classic

Location: ???

Date: 1/11/ ~ 02/10/2013

Game Distribution: Black, White, Black 2, White 2

Distribution Type: ???

Sources: Official Pokémon Site

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