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Using DeSmuMe 0.9.6 and PokeGen -- Corrupt Save files?

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Hi guys! So I'm running Windows 7 and DeSmuMe 0.9.6 (I also have 9.8 but a lot of people say it's glitched, so I tried 9.6 too) and the latest PokeGen. I'm using a Pokemon White 2 fully english ROM. I do the following:

1. Save ingame.

2. Export back up memory.

3. Load .sav in PokeGen

4. I go to edit a Pokemon in my boxes; let's say an Umbreon. I want to change it from level 35 --> level 45.

5. I do so, and save the .sav file after setting the Pokemon with changes.

6. I import backup memory to DeSmuMe, and when I reset the ROM to get to the title screen,

after I click continue, I get something along the lines of this: Save file will be deleted due to corruption or damage.

I have also posted this on DeSmuMe, to see if they can help. Is this something with PokeGen? Am I doing something wrong? (Same thing happened in both DeS version.) Help would be appreciated.

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