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Downloading egg pokemons HELP!


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I found a glitch that makes TWO of my egg pokemons uncheck the boxg, that appears to be the only way for me hatch the egg in another game of another language and pass the legal check, but unfortunately i can't uncheck the box on any other of my eggs, and when i download them they become illegit :(


EDIT: to trigger this glitch, give a random item to your egg, then save the file!

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If the "Egg" checkbox on the first tab is checked, telling PokeGen that the Pokemon is an egg, how would it make sense to have "As egg" UNchecked on the met tab...? "I met this egg as a hatched Pokemon"

Yeah, thats why its a glitch!

I finally found a way to do this, and try giving your egg pokemon an item then save the file, the next time you load, it will have it UNCHECKED on the met tab!

oh and don't worry about the glitch, its AWESOME! before i tried to send the usual egg files from PokeGTS to my game, it works but the link trade thing is missing, now it tricks the system into thinking this egg was gotten from a link trade, pretty cool dontcha think?

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