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GBA File Editor that accepts PKM files

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Hey there.

I can't find tutorials on the Internet how to use the save editors like:

Pokébox GBA - I can't load my GBA save file. When I do, the program crashes. This was the only program that accepted PKM files like 3rd Gen Events on GBA games, so, I only try to make .stk format to load it on the next save file to put my 3rd gen legit events.

Encyclopedia Pokémon Esmeralda - I had good experience because somehow I got my Legit Lax Speed Forme Deoxys. The program is easy to use. The main problem is that I can't load PKM files more than 100 bytes. Pokébox GBA accepts all PKM files without exception.

Ciro Pokémon Maker and Pokémon Maker suck a lot. But Yape is cool for editing every ROM data.

Can you explain me please how to work on Pokébox GBA and Encyclopedia Pokémon, please?

Don't ask me to use Google, Google never was my friend.

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I don't quite understand what this topic is about, but...

PokeboxGBA saves and loads pokemon with the GPK filetype, as 100b files for party pokemon and 80b files for box pokemon.

As compared to Enciclopedia Pokemon, which saves using the PKM filetype but they should still be 100b/80b.

As it stands, it looks like you're trying to load the wrong files? I dunno

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