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is there a way to change secret id in us version of black and white 2 yet?


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I found ar codes for it for japanese version, but cant find us

could i possibly find the code myself by using free cheat on my supercard and searching for my sid in hex form?

i need to change my sid to match all my other pokemon games, and i need it badly cause my dream radar is full.

im waiting on my white 2 dumping to try searching for the code, but hopefully someone already has it

of course once i change it i will need to copy the save back to the actual game to transfer, but once it is changed, i will just play b/w 2 on the original cart so i dont have to transfer save everytime i use dream radar


I have used free cheat to search values, and i find 16 bit values in game that match my trainer id, and 3 values matching my secret id

changing 1 of each of these changes the id displayed on card for TID

and for SID (used ar code to display sid)

anyone know if the save has more than one spot where the id numbers are stored?

Or do i just need to change one of these to change my id number?

If the number displayed on my trainer card is changed does that mean for sure that all references to my id in the way the game works will read out the new number, or is the number on the trainer card just a displayed number with the true id number saved elsewhere?

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