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BW B2W2 Event - Meloetta (US/EU)


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Here is the GameStop USA event for Meloetta...


Additional Instructions:

"Talk to the musician in the cafe of Castella City. This musician will teach Meloetta the exclusive move Relic Song! Meloetta is the only Pokemon that can learn this move."

"Meloetta can change its Forme during a battle by using the special move Relic Song! When it changes Forme, its type changes as well. This can be a big surprise for your opponents in the middle of a battle!"

Sorry, I did not have time to scan the card that was handed out at the event.

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Same as English Spring Meloetta
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^ http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?15282-Gen-V-Event-Collection-and-Contribution-Thread&p=161552&viewfull=1#post161552

There was a post right here and it's identical in every way. Please watch this thread, and submit here from now on. This is a News Forum here for a reason. All PGF contributions that are in the News Forum will be removed from here on in.

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If nothing goes wrong Belgium is also getting the event. In all Game Mania stores!

I send both Nintendo and Game Mania a email regarding this event and while Nintendo said there was no event planned.

Game Mania got back to me and send me the following message..

We hebben flink moeten onderhandelen maar eindelijk is er goed nieuws gekomen vanuit Nintendo.

Ook bij Game Mania zal het Pokémon event namelijk kunnen doorgaan tussen 22 maart en 19 april.

Hierbij zal je de zeldzame Meloetta kunnen downloaden. Het is nog heel even wachten op de downloadcassetten, maar het is zo goed als zeker! Binnenkort zal je alle informatie op onze website kunnen terugvinden.

Translation.. even tho those who are intrested in this will be able to understand it.

"They finally got news from Nintendo and that they will be able to run the event from March 22 untill April 19 more news coming soon on their website."

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hello guys.... i'm new here, i mean... posting.

so i hope i'm not posting this in the wrong place

please if i make some mistake, tell me

here is the SPRING MELOETTA from BRAZIL. picked up today

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Identical to English Spring Meloetta
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A little late, but Meloetta has been being distributed in Mexico since March 8 at GameRush and Gameplanet stores. Also some sites are reporting a Meloetta will be distributed at GameStop stores in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland but no official confirmation yet.

Update: Toys "R" Us stores are going to distribute Meloetta from March 22 to April 19, 2013 at participating stores in Germany.

Update 2: GameStop stores have officially announced Meloetta will be distributed in Germany at participating stores from March 22 to April 19, 2013.






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Germany GameStop confirmation
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