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BW B2W2 Event - Meloetta (US/EU)


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Meloetta has been revealed.







USA distribution: March 4 - 24, 2013 at participating GameStop stores.

Canada distribution: March 9 - 24, 2013 at participating EB Games stores.

Australia distribution: March 4 - April 19, 2013 at select EB Games stores.

New Zealand distribution: March 4 - April 19, 2013 at select JB Hi-Fi stores.

Store list: http://www.nintendo.com.au/files/get-meloetta-location-list.pdf

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updated with distribution info on 2/6
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Serebii used the same image as a source. This image is the only known source of the information. The GameStop, Nintendo, and Pokemon websites all do not mention the event, and I can only find fansites using this image as a source. I'm suspicious of it because it both says "While supplies last" and misspells Meloetta as "Meleotta".

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Just so people know, one of the other Bulbapedia staff members gave GameStop a call and confirmed that the event is going to happen between those dates.

On a related note, Serebii and Pure Nintendo are reporting the same event in Canadian EB Games stores from March 9 (with no known end date), but I can't find the source. Pure Nintendo appears to have a press release, but Googling specific quotes from it doesn't yield anything but it, indicating that it isn't publicly on the internet. This may require someone giving EB Games Canada a call about it too.

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Do we even have an official announcement from Nintendo's website by now?

I know there's the one that was announced on October 4th, but that doesn't officially announce the date.

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They've never given Pokemon in the US and Canada different ID numbers due to different start dates. The closest we have is the Snarl Zoroark which had an OT of EVENT11 in the US, Canada, and Australia and an ID number corresponding to that while Europe got a different one with an OT of ID number corresponding to its Greek distribution (which was a lot earlier than the US one).

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I got the Australian Meloetta from Hoyts Cinemas today. I have the Wonder Card on file if anyone wants it. As for info:

OT: SPR2013

ID: 3013

Location: Lovely Place

Ball: Cherish

Fateful Encounter

LV: 50

Held Item: PP Max

If you're willing to share, then please export a copy using POKEGEN and post it here. :smile:

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