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Editing Text font in diamond/pearl?

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I know next-to-nothing about .narc files so i was wondering if anyone could help me out here.

I wish to edit the graphics of letters and numbers and such but I have no idea how.

Can anyone tell me 1) where in a Pearl rom would I find the .narc for the basic text graphics and 2) how I would go about editing said graphics?

If someone could help me out that would be fantastic.

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A Narc File (Formally Known As *Nitro Archive File*) Is The Files Inside A Game That Has Specific Data In Each File. Each File Covers Almost Every Aspect Of The Game Wherever It Be - Text, Graphics, Pokemon Data, Etc Etc

You Can Edit Pretty Much Anything In A Pokemon Game And Other Games If They Use Narcs. By Opening Narcs In A Hex Editor And Looking For The Data

Obviously Each Game Has Its Own Narcs But For This Example We Will Be Using A Pokemon Game

Editing Narcs Are The Common Method For Pokemon Editors To Edit Certain Data Since Its Alot Faster Then Opening Up The Rom Itself And Convenient

Also When Creating Programs they Are The Best Method Since A Narc Data Will Always Be In The Same Place

Where As Editing The Rom Via Hex Wont always work If The Program Moves Data and Then Another Tool That Loads The Rom Itself Via Hex Wont Work Because The Data Will Be In A Different Location

With That Said You Should Find The Info You Are Looking For In This Forum ** (Pokecommunity Forum)

Also On That Note You Would Need To Know What Narc To Look For

Shouldn't Be A Problem Though As Their Are A Few Topics That Say What Narc Is For What Data

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