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Commandline PKM generator


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Greetz everybody.

For as long as I've been playing with PKM files, I've wanted a way to create them through the commandline for quick/batch generation. So, after a lot of searching and re-learning python, I made my PKM Generator.

It's designed to make generating legal pokes as easy as possible. There's still a bunch of work to do, but for now it's functional.

Example usage:

python pkmgen.py --pokemon="larvitar" --move1="bite" --move2="leer"  --edate="21,09,12" --mdate="21,09,12" --ivs="31,31,31,31,31,31" --gender="male" --ability="guts" --nature="timid" --level="10" --ot="Name,0,0,male" > newpoke.pkm

I'd love some feedback, especially if someone understands better than I how to generate the PID properly (at the moment it only seems to generate a valid PID about 50% of the time).

Credits go to Ceol, creator of pypkm (https://github.com/ceol/pypkm), without which I would not have been able to create this.

PKM Generator..zip

PKM Generator..zip

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It's a commandline program, written in Python and using the PYPKM library (which I did not write and is far beyond my coding ability). It requires Python installed on your computer to run. It has no user interface. It takes the arguments given on the commandline and uses them to generate a new PKM file from scratch.

It's basically my attempt to take a lot of the work out of generating *legal* pokemon

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Oh, awesome! I didn't know anyone actually used that thing. It's a bit of a mish-mash because halfway through, I started using Construct. I also used it to teach myself Python, so I'd really appreciate any feedback.

@Kaphotics The PID doesn't necessarily have to match the ability. It just means it's "illegal". The game will still recognize it, but it's up to the author to ensure the proper ability is given if they're aiming for legality.

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