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answered Would porting leaf green and fire red to ds be possible?


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also ruby sapphire and emerald?

for example using diamond/pearl/platinum as the base rom (chosen for the game corner)

and basically inserting all the content from the gba games, or remaking it from scratch?

I personally would like to be able to play all of the games on ds but question whether or not remakes may be made for those 5 games

any thoughts ideas suggestions would be helpful


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Map editing in Gen 4 is very difficult and not explored much. The same goes for Gen 5.

Though it might be possible to remake a Gen 3 game on the DS, you can only go so far. If you've never done ROM hacking before then I would venture to say you will not be able to do it. Start with projects that are more realistic and work up towards the skill level needed to do something like this.

Also, say hi to Khari, who is trying to do something similar. Maybe teaming up with Khari would be a good idea at this point.

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