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BW Event - European Keldeo

King Impoleon

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Anyone know if this Greek "second chance" one is just a repeat of the summer event (OT/ID) or not?


A Keldeo WC went live on the French wi-fi distro servers today (Jan 16). (noticed by xfr)

There was no announcement about this, but it's there.

It's only going to French B2W2 games and it is virtually identical to the Summer Keldeo, apart from level (50), OT, ID, moveset, and it's in Resolute Form since it knows Sacred Sword. (rest of moveset is Hydro Pump, Aqua Jet, Swords Dance)

No idea why this is only French and no idea why there was no announcement.

No one else seems to know either.

Edit: Well, found something. French site distribution details

No word of this on any other language sites, but this does say it will run until February 12. I guess I'll add it to the gallery. Oddly, this page says it has the old moveset of the Summer Keldeo...

Edit 2: I'll make a new thread for this event for further discussion.... please still talk about Greek Keldeo stuff here.

Link to new thread is here

Edit 3: Nevermind that Resolute Form stuff, I'm just dumb.

Secret Sword is what changes the form, not Sacred Sword. :/

You still have to go to the Pledge Grove to learn Secret Sword and change its form.

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I contacted Arty2 of Legendary Pokémon (a Greek Pokémon fansite), and he said this:

It's the same distribution cartridge that went around Europe, but they decided to extend the availability period till January 31st; Greece in particular gets the english version of the event. So, yes, it is the old moveset one.
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