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granted but they are over a year out of date.

i wish for gen 5 to have a storyline that results in all pikachus dieing so they never shows up in any game, event, cartoon, movie, toy shop, dream, nightmare or ANYWHERE EVER AGAIN.

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Granted but you turn out to be the Chosen One. The Chosen One to die right after they enter the fantasy world.

I wish I would stop getting addicted on the computer and instead start my 3 assignments already. I haven't even started them and they're due in like 5 days.

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Muwhahaha the sunny sun will thaw me out!

Granted. (This corruption may be cliche or generic) But you express your "feelings" to anyone you can find, people start feeling disturbed by the strange way you express them. Then they start pelting you with Pillows until you ......DIE!

I wish P.E was funner.

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Granted, you develop the a program which you think is for hacking, but actually it was a virus you developed, which stuffs up your computer.

I wish I could get my laptop right now, our school will be giving them to only Year 9 students and higher. But i'm only Year 7... I don't want to wait another 2 years...

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So do I, it would stop you moaning about it whenever I go on Shoddy with you..J/K, J/K....

Granted, but now they continually pester you for a tonne of chocolate each and artistic masterpieces. Neither of which you can supply, especially the last one. LOL.

I wish that I could get over my stupid writer's block.

Nevermind, as soon as I finished typing that I had an awesome idea. I wish I had a friendly pet liger. Frakking awesome creatures, cutest cubs ever as well.

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Granted, but since the world is now allowed to tame Tigers, they also are allowed to tame Lions... Your neighbour gets a Lion, and soon they engage in a fight, where the Lion kills your Tiger along with the Cubs...

I wish I could make anything appear out of anywhere.

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