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Opinion on my Black 2 team

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I was bored, and since this is just the translation and not my official game (NA release) I decided on a team based off the trailer from what I seen.

current town Mistralton (before gym)


Emboar LV61 Item: Muscle Band


Heat Crash

Thunder Punch(Replace with grass knot)


Rock Slide

Lucario LV60 Item: Expert Belt

Ability:Inner Focus

Aura Sphere

Ice Punch

Bone Rush (Replace with Shadow Claw)

Feint (Replace with Drain Punch)

Arcanine LV60 Item: Shell Bell

Ability: Intimidate

Fire Blitz


Thunder Fang

Extreme Speed

Umbreon LV62 Item: Iron Ball - I want to breed it to have curse and stored power if possible

Ability: Synchronize


Quick Attack




with leftovers



Stored Power


Haxorus LV60 Item: (Quick Claw once I find it)

Ability: Mold Breaker

Dragon Claw or Dual Chop - Undecided

Sword Dance (want to be Iron Tail)

Dig (replace with Earthquake)

Surf (replace with Outrage)

Swannan LV60 Item: (Nevermeltice once I find it)

Ability: Big Pecks



Bubblebeam (replace with Ice Beam)

Aqua Ring (might swap for Dive)

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Sorry this forum is for competitive battling teams, not in-game teams. You might want to head over to the Black 2 and White 2 forums for discussion instead.

As for your team, anything works in-game. And those levels look much too high for that point in-game.

I MIGHT write a battle guide on B2W2... if I ever play it.

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