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region of a pokmon and name?


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what does the region of the pokemon in the top right hand corner do?

since, my friend had a jp pearl rom, i took the save, put it on my diamond US rom, chained some shinies, and want to put them back.

now, if i change the region of the pokemon to JP and type in it's original JP name, will this be 100% legal and everything? and the game would think they were caught on his JP pearl rom?

(he wants the pokemon i got for him to have japanese naems not english names, it's easier that way)

thank you!

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oh the name if in the trash bytes?

hmmm... since i would only be changing the name, and not giving it a 'nickname'.

p.s. sorry, i don't want to make a new thread, yes or no: can you change IV's in pokesav and will it be legal, or do you need to 'generate' stuff?

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Here's what will happen, if the Pokemon is 100 percent legitimate, and you change its country to Japanese, and then its name in Japanese, it will be 100 percent legal. So doing that would be fine. Changing the name would require you to use trash bytes though, so to do so just open up a legal Pokemon of the same species but in Japanese and copy its trash bytes, then use the normalizer to fix anything you did wrong with the trash bytes. And for your second question, yes you can edit IV's, but in order for it to be legal, it has to match the PID as well.

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thanks about the iv's.

ok, so i took a chained shiny smeargle caught in the J rom, so it had a J name, and had a US chain shiny smeargle which was caught in the US rom, with a US name.

i copied the name from the japanese one to the US one, before that, the first line (or first 6 or something?) trash bytes were different. when i made it have a JP name, the trash bytes looked the same as the JP smeargle. i changed the region of it to JP, and the region cuaght to sinnoh (jp) and tested it with legal.exe and it said it was legal chian shiny.

the US smeargle, now turned into a JP one, had the same, or very very similar, i forget, trash bytes as the original JP smeargle, but not the same as a 'non shiny' JP smeargle, they were different. so shiny is stored in trash bytes?

but i never copied any trash bytes or 'normalised' anything, is this necessary?

how would i normalise them? would this make it 'more' legal?

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