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Hello all!

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Hello, I'm Arcanine^cubed, although you can call me Arca, Cubed, A³, or any variation of those.

I started playing Pokemon back when Red version came out, which I lovingly played on my Mom's Grey Brick until I got the Yellow version pack that came with a GameBoy Color (I still have both the Grey Brick and the Pikachu GBC). Until recently, I never took my game-play beyond standard casual play, when a friend of mine got me hooked on the competitive Pokemon battle simulator, Pokemon Showdown. After that I became more interested in the more in-depth mechanics of Pokemon battling.

I'm currently following the BW2 Translation project (I wish I could help out with it), and am writing an English transcript of the main story dialog. I've talked to a lot of people who have the Japanese game and can't progress due to not knowing what's being said, but don't want to mess around with ROMs and Patches.

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Welcome to Project Pokemon!

Ah, another Pokemon Red player. It's good to see those who have played the older games appearing on the scene. ^^ Anyway, I want to help out with the translation project myself, namely because I have the game, but yeah. This isn't about me. I hope you enjoy yourself here!

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