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learning the C# language.....tutorial?

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hey guys...I've been learning programming for a few weeks now and am improving ever so slightly.

However, the more I am able to learn the better I become....sometimes it's best learning to look at things from more than one perspective...

Does anyone know of any websites which give tutorials on scripting or the C# language?....

Bear in mind I have used google and found out quite a bit, however I'm talking about sites that give tutorials but don't have the words ''programming'' or ''C#'' etc in their name, thus making it ''not so easy'' to locate them on google....

To those guys who make the awesome hacks and patches for the roms...do you have any ideas?....thanks in advance...

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Thanks for the replies will and evan.....first off....I'm wanting to create mainly programmes for hacking and patching roms....programmes similar to the rom explorers and rom hacks created on this website....nothing too intense.....

I don't have any previous experience in terms of studies or degrees...I just have a passion for technology and that inspired me to start learning programming/coding and I do know the basics so far, in terms of coding in C#.....I use visual studio express for C#...because I read somewhere on this site that the games are coded in C#

I'm not too sure about C#.net, but I'll gladly give it a try if you could point me in the right direction?

I want to learn coding that will enable me to create rom hacks, attack editors, stats editors etc....and put me in a position to at least try and lend a hand in solving certain hacking issues with the newer games ( like map editing etcc..)

Basically to create hacks similar to members like dreyano, oxnite etc...

Since becoming a member of this website I've benefited greatly from the hard work of everyone else but now I want to contribute something back....

Thanks again.

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C# is in the .net 'family' of languages.

The games are not coded in C#, but some of the tools to work with them created by the community are.

As it sounds like you don't have any particular experience in programming in general, I'm going to point you towards two books, one is for absolute beginners, the other is more intermediate.


This one, I have not used. It does have good reviews and is indicated to be for beginners. Once you're done with it, I suggest you get one of the following two books:



I have used the first, and it is a fairly good book. Kinda light on some details, but for the most part quite useful. The second is the same book, generally, but indicated more towards Studio 2012 that will be coming out soon.

For rom/save hacking, you'd be using primarily byte arrays and bitwise operators, which none of these books seem to get into much. I don't have time to write any tutorials on the subjects (and I'm a bit rusty on bitwise anyways).

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lol i wud love to collectiva, but if the tutorials are in tamil....i wud recognize the coding, just not anything the tutor was saying....I'm british....we may have collonized India all those years back but we never bothered to learn the language sorry lol

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