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Can Someone Please find my Emerald SID?

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HI, I was wondering if anyone could please find my SID for My emerald game.

My ID is 24248

If you need anymore detail please let me know.

P.S. I don't have any cheating device or any shiny Pokemon, that's why i need help.


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Is there any way someone could do this for me? I don't understand what i'm doing and i just want to use RNG but i need my secret id. I dont have a NDS or any cheating device or a legit shiny. is there any way to find out my secret id with just my gameboy advance SP, my emerald, and my computer, or can someone do it for me if i can give them more info?

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Hi im new to this site but ive been playing pokemon all my life, i have no idea how forums work so if im doing something wrong please be kind and let me know. ive been researching for almost a year on pokemon emeralds broken rng methods. i know in order to find my secret id i have to have a shiny pokemon, my id, and its ivs. well a long time ago i was extremely luck in finding a shiny registeel. i know its ivs and everything but i cannot for the life of me figure out how to generate my secret id. everytime i do it it tells me that its my actual id number. when its not. so if i post my stats and whatnot could i kindly ask one of you to do it for me? please and thank you.


ot link id no: 52752

registeels ivs:







docile nature

lv 40

ability: clear body

the old guy who checks the ivs says "being of average ability" and the best aspect is hp.

if i have left anything out let me know. thank you soo much to whoever helps me.

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you might want to confirm like so

transfer something to gen 4 or 5 and upload to pokecheck.

we can't check with just that.

anyways I found a match but your HP IV is probably wrong (should be 23)


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alright i am 99.9% sure that this is my sid. ive done some testing and i seem to land a few seconds off my frame but ive tested the hidden power and ivs on it and they match up perfectly. thank you for finally ending a years worth of torture. now all i have to do is effin land on my frame lol bu sincerely thank you. if theres anyhig pokemon related i can do for you let me know.

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Hi guys,

I'm trying to find my SID for Pokemon Emerald. Please please please help. I'm going insane trying to find the SID so I can catch a shiny Rayquaza. I caught a shiny Whismur in the wild at Level 6 and I hope these information would help:

Pokemon: Whismur

Nature: Calm

Ability: Soundproof

Level: 6 / HP: 23 / A: 10 / D: 7 / SA: 11 / SD: 8 / Speed: 10

Level: 7 / HP: 26 / A: 11 / D: 8 / SA: 12 / SD: 9 / Speed: 10

Level: 8 / HP: 28 / A: 13 / D: 8 / SA: 13 / SD: 9 / Speed: 11

If you need any other information, please let me know. Thank you so much and have a great day.

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The IV (calculated from MetalKid's IV Calculator) is

Whismur - Calm

HP: 8

Att: 23 - 24

Def: 2 - 3

SpA: 4

Spd: 16

Speed: 28

Hidden Power: Fighting (Possible Power: 32, 33)

I tried to find the IV -> PID calculator online but was not successful so far. Please help

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