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The Sheilded Shell

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Espeon @ Light Clay

Nature: Timid

Ability: Magic Bounce

EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 Spd

Role: To set up walls for my team, mainly to allow Cloyster to set up.

- Reflect

- Light Screen

- Psychic

- Hidden Power (Fire)

Comment: My lead, and my double waller. Protects the team from a lot of damage. Sets up reflect, and if it can, light screen. HP Fire takes down any annoying Scizors that try to stop me.

Cloyster @ Life Orb

Nature: Jolly

Ability: Skill Link

EVs: 252 Attk/ 4 SpDef / 252 Spd

Role: Main physical sweeper.

- Shell Smash

- Icicle Spear

- Rock Blast

- Razor Shell

Comment: My main physical sweeper. He can do tons of damage after he has set up, potentially sweeping a whole team. Requires a lot of looking after before he can sweep, though.

Gliscor @ Life Orb

Nature: Impish

Ability: Hyper Cutter

EVs: 252 HP / 184 Def / 72 Spd

Role: To take out pesky electrics and to baton pass even more attack to Cloyster. Secondary sweeper.

- Swords Dance

- Baton Pass

- Earthquake

- Fire Fang

Comment: A quick switch-in to kill of electrics. A nice bonus is fire fang, which can easily take out an enemy grass type when they switch in to clear the way for Cloyster. He can also do very well as a sweeper if need be.

Latios @ Choice Specs

Nature: Modest

Ability: Levitate

EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpAttk / 252 Spd

Role: A special sweeper as backup for Cloyster. Main role is to take out fighting types, since Espeon sometimes lacks the power.

- Draco Meteor

- Surf

- HP Fire

- Psyshock

Comments: Can easily blast away fighting types, and does decently against steels such as Scizor and co. with HP Fire. Can take out rocks with surf.

Scrafty @ Leftovers

Nature: Careful

Ability: Shed Skin

EVs: 252 HP / 8 Attk / 248 SpDef

Role: A decent physical wall, and an expert Tyranitar and steel-type killer.

- Bulk Up

- Drain Punch

- Crunch

- Rest

Comment: Steels are a big problem so far. Scrafty solves that problem. Easily tanking their attacks whilst dealing out damage and healing with Drain Punch, he can take down most threats. Bulk Up slowly makes him snowball into a very powerful defensive and offensive pokemon, and rest + shed skin allows for fast recovery of health. Crunch can take out psychics to.

Blissey @ Leftovers

Nature: Bold

Ability: Natural Cure

EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpDef

Role: Entry Hazards and both health and status heals.

- Aromatherapy

- Softboiled

- Toxic

- Stealth Rock

Comment: The main special wall in case my team takes some hits. Aromatherapy heals status. Toxic and Stealth Rock allow lingering effects to cripple the enemy. Softboiled to keep her alive.

Overall Goal:

Take out entry hazards with Espeon whilst setting up my own with Blissey. Send out Gliscor to baton pass to Cloyster. Take out fighting with Latios, steels with Scrafty and electrics with Gliscor. Heal up every now and again with Blissey.

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You might want to take out toxic or stealth rock for seismic toss, Blissey may want an actual attacking move sometimes. Magic Bounce is a bit redundant (arguable I know) with Stealth Rocks. I wouldn't use Espeon as a lead, it's much more effective to switch it in on a predict. Another thing is you really don't want to Swords Dance Baton Pass to Cloyster. Trust me, one Shell Smash is enough, it's dangerous to switch in Cloyster on an attack. If you are still convinced in using a baton pass set on Gliscor, you could try putting Substitute somewhere, this could not only act as a safe switch in but also to scout your opponents moves. As for Latios, run a Timid set, as opposed to Modest, Choice Specs Latios already has enough power to put holes in enemies. You also might want to consider replacing Psyshock with Trick. Not much can resist a stab specs Draco Meteor in the first place. Jirachi counters your Latios extremely well, despite having HP fire. Giving it specs on a Paraflinch set will prevent the annoying trend.

And last thing, I want to point out, that once Gliscor is gone (which it easily will on your set, considering it has no means of recovery and even has life orb). A +2 Atk Scizor can sweep your entire team if it carries Superpower, so you might want to find a counter for that. I would suggest replacing Blissey with Jellicent in that case.

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Thanks for the reply. Cloyster has gotten important boosts from swords dance, so I'm a little reluctant to let it go, but I will swap about Modest for Timid on Latios. Psyshock is incredibly effective against common special walls (I nailed both a Chansey and Blissey with it), so it helps a lot. If Jellicent can use aromatherapy, I will swap it, but I really need that move to cure status problems. Magic Bounce has come in very important for me on leads, effectively giving me much free damage, and I use the walls in the lead to set up. I will, if I can't find a good replacement for Blissey, give it Flamethrower due to its decent special attack. Gliscor has life orb just in case my other sweepers die, leaving me in trouble. Fire Fang lacks power though, so I may swap it for Substitute as you recommended, and then easily pass it on. Thanks!

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I'm glad I helped, I know I can't change your mind for sure, but Jellicent would be a much better wall than Blissey. Your Blissey just seems very redundant with Espeon. Stealth rocks can be bounced back while status problems can not only be reflected too but also shedded off by Scrafty, making Aromatherapy less useful than it should

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Cloyster needs 48 Spe EVs if I remember rightly, this allows it to outpace scarfed base 100s; which is a great boon given how many scarfed 100s there are. Also, Cloyster 9/10 needs a lum berry; if cloyster gets any status it's spent and worthless, and remember he only really has one chance to sweep.

I would also change your gliscor for a different set, and give him some jellicent support like Toffeuy suggested. However, the paraflinch (SpD Focused) Jirachi makes a great defencive partner gliscor and could easy be put in place of Blissey (Wish/Iron Head/Body Slam[or TWave]/Stealth Rock[or U-Turn]) playing these two would severely help you current scizor situation. Given that Scizor ATM can pretty much beast your whole team, so IMO Paraflinch 'Rachi > Flame Thrower Blissey. Also with a steel on your team you are way less vulnerable to getting decimated by every dragon and their brother. :)

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