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[Project]Introduction to Generation V

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Introduction to Generation V

Now that I've been back in the scene a bit, I've seen many large differences between the game I left, and the game I've returned to. I've also noticed, rather sadly, that a lot of the old members have drifted away. Therefore, I decided to start this ‘project,’ if you will. It would essentially be a guide, detailing the main differences, new features, etc. that came with Black and White. Furthermore, we would incorporate whatever current activity we have now in the forums, such as the Know your Pokemon thread, as well as information in general pertaining to battling.

This would serve 3 main roles:

1) Assist new members with an introduction to competitive battling in general

2) Create a community project to both generate and focus activity in the battling section

3) Allow for old members to rejoin the scene far more easily than I did.

Finally, if this were to be successful, it could mean we actually have a Project Pokemon battling community redevelop over the upcoming summer, which I’m sure everyone would appreciate.

So for now, it's up to you:

Should we go ahead with this?

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So you want something to highlight the differences between Gen IV and Gen V metagames? How about developing a comprehensive list for the many changes that occurred between past metagames, for a start? Not that many people play Gen I's mess of a metagame or anything, but it might be still useful. Mechanics wise, there actually is not much of a difference between Gen IV and Gen V metagame: all it is is a bunch of new moves, abilities and Pokemon... and the addition of Triples and Rotation battle, if that even counts. Then we can develop into the bigger "guide" or whatnot.

Also that Know Your Pokemon thread is essentially a skeleton: it is not exactly what I had in mind, as it is pretty hard to read at this point. I plan on doing a complete revamp on it when we are finished with that segment.

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