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Help Wanted - Spin-off Save Structures

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This is a clone of codemonkey85's thread, except this is for all of the spin-off games. Because no-one has bothered to mess with these games (or rather, anyone who has a clue what they are doing), there is no way to fix the checksum. We need that first to start pokeing locations. If we don't fix it, either nothing happens, or it says that the save is corrupt. If anyone is reading this, and has a clue what their doing, please find how to fix the checksum of Mystery Dungeon 2. Other spin-off games are welcome, because I'm not aware of any save file editors for ANY spin-off game. You will need a good HEX Editor, such as HxD. Good luck.

Hello? Is anybody out there?

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Obviously, no one wants to help, because HG/SS just came out a few days ago, and its version of Pokesav is already out. If that isn't the case, then somebody please help with finding the checksum!

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