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What happened to the (really old) Gen III support?


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I remember way back on PokeGen before even 1.0 came out, there was some sort of preliminary Gen III support. However, it was later removed (and apparently not documented in the version changes?). What happened?

I know that some editing programs exist that work for Gen III, but they all seem to have vanished like 5 years ago. The ones I do remember only worked for Japanese Gen III games. Can anyone provide more information on this subject?

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I know there was a link to something involving Gen III support (besides PokeGen) somewhere on this forum, but I searched for it (several times, both through the forum search and Google) and can't find it at all. Maybe the post/link was removed?

It would help if I could remember what it was called...I think I last saw it like 5 years ago.

(Funny how there's editing support for every generation except III. I and II have such simple data structures that Gameshark codes can do just about anything with no bad repercussions if you know what you're doing.)

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