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Jirachi in Japan the 19th June


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Corocoro announced a Jirachi event begin the 19th June. It will be at level 5 and will unlock a new place in Heart Gold and Soul Silver. But Corocoro don't say how it will be to give.

Source: Serebii and Pokémon Espace

Wow, a new area!

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How do you know it's through McDonalds? *sorry if this is a noob question~ xD*

Like this...


Image from Pokebeach....again. lol

I'm excited about this though. The fact that it unlocks something special, said to be an area, in HGSS means it will be distributed here in the US too, just like Platinum's Regigigas. woot!

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Ohh really ? ive Pokemon Diamond Jap. Version , but im in UK , wont work will it ? :S

It should. I downloaded my Japanese Secret Key from here in the US when it was first released, just depends on if the Jirachi is available to all three games. Should be though, most events are unless they are Platinum specific items, like the Secret Key.

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