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Made a website "GUI" for the Legal.exe

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Any newbie could do this, I just had the exe run the .pkm file you upload and the script just parsed the code that is printed out on the screen by the program.

Nice for mass-scanning a whole box, if you just want to know what is valid and what counts as hacked. I want to release the source but it is really messy and depends on a half-used database I got from Veekun.com so it would just confuse the newbies around, I will most likely post it later when I get to clean it up a bit and structure the script a bit more. :)

You can use the site on my host meanwhile:



Released the sources, check this post for download link.

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Thanks for the nice replies, and the PMs. ;)

The server simply takes the uploaded files and runs them trough the legal.exe file so you need a server that indeed supports running executables.

I kinda build it in a rush so the source is kinda messy you might say, not so customizable. Anyway I cleaned it up a bit at least, added some options you can use if you like and here are the sources for the site:

- http://www.ziuo.net/poke/legality_checker.rar

You may edit and tweak the site, it's nice to help the community out. :)

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If Sabresite shares his formula work that is used in that program, it should be possible to convert the calculations into PHP and then instead of having the PHP run the file trough the executable.

I was working a bit on figuring out how pkm files are constructed so if I can map it all (where the different stats are stored, e.g.) and can make a PHP script that can read and write to the different types of values then I could also add formulas to check for legality -as many of these are available on the documentation and main sites, I've noticed. But don't expect it to happen over night as it takes time and I got a math hand-in to work with, lol. :D

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Yeah, made it so you can use:


You can remove "user" and "pass" if you do not wish to use http authorization. Otherwise you may if you want to protect the files from public access directly from the server. Also the "file" must have a path ending in .pkm or .zip to be accepted. Max sizes are 100-256 byte for pkm and 1mb for zip. It's so I don't get flooded or abused.

Also sorry that my PC is offline sometimes but I need to sleep in silence from time to time. I plan to migrate the legality checker to my webhost but I must check if it supports EXE too! :P

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