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This Thread Is For Personal Elite Four And Pokedex Completion Records


No Gameshark/Action Replay

Post Updates Seperately (If You Have Any)





Seen: 232

Own: 171

Time: 139:41

Current Best Member Records:


Game : crystal

E4 : 103

Seen : 241

Own : 217

Game time : 144:21

Edit: Please List Version :)

Edit2: Please List Play Time

Edit3: External Trades Now Authorized

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Updated Records
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Silver was the first, and only, Pokemon game I completed the pokedex to 100% without cheating with an AR (used the duplicating trick to get all 3 starters).

Traded a lot from my Yellow

My neighbor had Gold

A friend had Yellow with event pokemon, and a glitched Mew they gave me

My last pokemon to fill up the dex was Primape, which my neighbor traded me

I had a blue Girafarig caught 10 minutes to midnight on new year's eve

I logged well over 100 hours

Save file was lost thanks to neighbor getting upset and saving over my game

I still have the same Silver, but with a new, lesser save file

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I would play my G/S but the damn battery died and I lost my save files. My gold had a 100% legit complete pokedex *besides celebii. Parents wouldn't take me too pokemon ny >.>* and my silver had the most E4 beaten. Lucky for me I had moved a few of my shiny's/legends over to my crystal, which still works so my ever so sacred shiny charmeleon still lives, but my original stand in line for three freaking hours mew died tragically. Of course though this means I can't ever restart the game, and I love having two versions so I can replay. Sadness.

The save on my crystal blows, but here it is none the less. I basically quit playing the game after I beat red, since all my hard work was in G/S.

Game : crystal

E4 : 1

Seen : 226

Own : 170

Game time : 41:50

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