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Kyurem's forms

Which of Kyurem's forms do you like?  

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  1. 1. Which of Kyurem's forms do you like?

    • Normal Kyurem
    • White Kyurem
    • Black Kyurem
    • All of them
    • None of them

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Since the reveal of POkemon Black and POkemon White veersions 2 and Kyurem's new forms I am curious to the reactions and thoughts of Kyurem's new forms and which of Kyurem's forms you like best and why?

I personally like the white Kyurem and the original Kyurem. First off I do not think anyone can hate the original of anything and I was a fan of Kyurem before he got these new forms I also like the White Kyurem because to me it looks like Kyurem is restored and is proud once more where as black Kyurem still gives off the impression of being hunched over which I do not like at all.

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Powered Forme.

Oh you mean from which are known already oh shi..


How dare you ask me to choose between those?


But geeeez they are so perfectly contrasting and Kyuremish. People go "oh lookz its fusion", but I argue they haven't actually taken a proper look at either the new formes, original, or Zekrom/Reshiram.

Because this is no fusion. It is Kyurem with an energy source plugged on its tail finally to turn those lights on. The body shape, the lines on the body, the structure of its feet, the tail, that face, those teeth, the icy bits on its head.. Its great. It's Kyurem.

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I honestly never like the way Kyurem looked.

He would have looked much better if Reshiram and Zekrom weren't around, because compared to them he just looks stupid.

I suppose if I had to choose one, though, it would be the original Kyurem, because he isn't a cheaply designed mash-up of himself and one of his brothers.

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Well it is the dragon without a generator attached, so it changes forme by using the other ones.

It does feel odd though. Like there should be an original generator for it too regardless of the concept. Maybe there will be, but how would it go along with the imitation formes being the main show off for the games?

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Just wait till the 15th or 18th of this month. Pokemon Smash is suppose to reveal more info about Pokemon Black 2/White 2. New Pokemon/alternate forms are suppose to be showed. And from what I heard, Reshiram and Zekrom are suppose to have alternate forms too. Though I'm uncertain if this is true or not. Only time will tell.

But back to the topic. On the original Kyurem, he seems incomplete. On his right wing, you see that most of it is missing/broken off. However, on the alternate forms, that "missing/broken" part of the wing is attached with Zekrom/Reshiram respective wing. Although I still absolutely love the original, if I were to choose between the new forms, I'd say Black Kyurem in a heartbeat.

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Only Kyurem will get formes.

There is data in BW indicating it the same way as giratina rotom and shaymin in DP.

All are set as having 1 forme instead of 0 like every pokemon without formes (it makes no difference except it shows they put formes in to test and took them out)

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