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Pokesav & Wonder Card Questions

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I've begun playing around with pgt and pcd files and I have a few questions I hope some of you can answer.

1. I know what the files are for, but what does PGT and PCD stand for? (ie.: PGT = Pokemon Green Terabyte?)

2. I've read that when activating a Wonder Card I should set my NDS date to match the date that the Wonder Card is being "distributed" for. Is that true?

2.1. Are there any other legit precautions such as the one mentioned in question 2. that you know about? I so, please list them.

3 I activated a Wonder Card and was able to look at it. Apparently it was a card I've already received and I believe I actually removed it through non-cheating methods. However, when I checked again, the card wasn't there anymore. Could it be because the NDS places a note or removed Wonder Cards so that they don't show up on the screen?

4. Is there an AR code that can show me all the Wonder Cards I've received?

5. I have three different Pokesav programs - Diamond/Pearl, Platinum and HG/SS. If I want to load pgt and pcd files for an event that was only available for D/P versions, is it okay for me to use the Platinum or HG/SS Pokesav? Or do I have to use the D/P one for it?

I think that's all. Thank you for your time.

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1. Not sure.

2. Doesn't matter.

2.1. (Only matters for BW) Don't use a Black WC on a White game and vice versa, or a different locale WC on a different locale such as an ENG WC on a JPN game.

3. Card ID, clear it in PokeStock, PokeSav, or MGE.

4. No.

5. If the card isn't meant for your version, don't load it (Pokemon will not be legit). If you do not care about the Pokemon legit then no problem.

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