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PKM legit question.


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I currently have pokemon black and since my friend who has pokemon white moved away, i can't trade with him anymore. Because of this, I can't get certain pokemon that are from pokemon white.

My question is this. If I get a legit Thundurus PKM (only obtainable from white version), and I use pokesav to open it to transfer it to my black, how do you make it legit so that I actually got it legitly?

Like pokemon like Virizion, where you can obtain it in white and black, if you get a legit pkm file, you can just change the Secret id and OT ID to mine and boom, it will seem like you just caught it legit because the location where you get Virizion will be identical. As for pokemon like Thundurus, even if you get PKM file, it won't really look like legit since you cant get it from pokemon black. So how do you make it legit?

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Once you edit any aspect of the PKM file it becomes LEGAL at best.

Just directly save the PKM into your game without editing anything?

how do i do that? I am using R4 atm =/ Only way for me to get a pKM files are through pokesav.

You are right about the legal part but i want it make it seems like legit as well. If you look at the description of the pokemon it won't say like "link trade..." it will say something like "found at ____" you know?

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the pkm data should be sent correctly by sending through pokegts.us

i'm wanting

Pokemon:any random

Pokérus Status: Infected type 15.x 4days

For what game: HG/SS

file type:gen4 .pkm

Friend Code:soulsilver(Usa):4770 3500 1228 white(Usa):3353 6284 9743

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