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PKM Conversion


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I don't know if you're still looking to do this, but I have designed a personal website for myself that acts as a pokecheck website for 3rd generation pokemon.

I understand how the GBA saves work, and have programmed my site to tell me just about every single part of a 3rd generation's party pokemon's details and stats. All I need to do is upload any 3rd generation save file (the version doesn't matter), and all the stats will be recorded.

I don't know very much about 4th and 5th generation pokemon, but if someone had the ability to take my site's recorded information such as species, attacks, held item, etc., and create a 4th or 5th generation .pkm from that information, then we could create a website that could convert 3rd gen pokemon to 4th or 5th generation!

The only problem is...I don't know how many people actually have the ability to create a web program that creates 4th or 5th gen pokemon. Even if I did, I'm new to the forums and wouldn't know how to contact them.

There may be a way to pass my site's information to pokegts.us...however that seems somewhat unefficient, and I would rather have someone help with rebuilding a 4th gen file. Although, the idea of passing the information onto pokegts.us is plausable!

I'm not saying that I will do this (or even release my site publicly), but if I could get some help, it sounds like a pretty intruiging idea. This would solve many people's problems of converting mass 3rd gen pokemon to 4th and 5th gens!

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