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Help needed for checking...


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I dont hack my Pokemon in ANY way. However I had a problem recently, I changed from a R4 to an Acekard 2i and when copyng the save to one another the save file always got currupted! I tried every single way to make it work and the only way i found was to use a pokesav function that turns ur save file from 512 kb to 212 kb(something prety close). I only checked the 212 option, saved, and closed pokesav. Will this affect my pokemon in any way? I realy hope not cause I worked so freaking hard on them!( Sory if i posted this in a wrong place, im pretty much a noob around these parts x.x)

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Thank you! That's a relief!

Also, when I was younger, I played Pokemon Emerald on emulator and beaten The Battle Frontier, so when I got the real game I used my friends action replay to beat the Frontier(1 hit ko and 999 stat codes), does this leave marks on my save file? If yes, ill be doing emerald all over again x.x

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