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That would probably bring more users since there are a lot of people who have internet that use a DSi instead of a computer that like Pokémon.

That doesn't make sense.

Last time I checked more people owned a computer than a DSi, let alone used a DSi for the Internet out of pure preference to it's browser.

- Posted from my iPod.

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A computer is MUCH easier, and faster. It takes forever to type out posts with a stylus, but keyboards are much faster. I only use the DSi when I'm not able to get to my computer.

-Posted on the awesomeness of a fast and easy PC.

That was exactly my point.

I only use my iPod whenever I can't get to the computer.

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I've personally used my iPhone to use the forums a few times. At one point, it was 4 days straight, but I don't know how and what the resolution would have to be to make a forum to operate for iPhone and iTouch users. I've seen a forum with a theme made for iPhone and iTouch. I'll probably check it out and see what I can do. If you know how to make a theme for iPhone and iTouch users, let me know via PM. ;)

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