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answered Evolution Editor for Platinum?

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I searched all over the inter-webs for one and never found one.

Found a couple posts from the end of march/april from people claiming to be working on one and how it would be released in 2 weeks and blah blah blah. Here it is June and the best selling pokegame gets ignored... go figure right heh.

I tried the hex thing to massive failure. What the tutorials said I should have didn't match with anything I could see. Then after a few minutes struggling to understand with what to do, an electric solid energy arm came out of my monitor and gut punched me really hard. Then I threw up liquid pain on my keyboard pretty much bringing my hex editing days to a tragic close.

So I'll be patient and wait for someone already knowledgeable in the programming ways to release one some day. At the current rate, probably after HG and SS come out kekeke.

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