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Need some help with IVs and such...


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Alrighty, I'm new to this whole editing thing, so I have several questions which may or may not be a "duhh" thing to you lot (I'm still not clear at all on a lot of basic things), but I'll say anyway.

1. Is there somewhere I can see the average IVs of a given Pokemon species, with a certain nature, perhaps? I know what nature I want my Pokemon to be, but I don't understand this whole business with IVs determining it. How do I figure out what IVs will give me a certain nature (for instance, a brave Torterra)? I don't want my Pokemon to be godly with all 31 IVs, I just want them to be able to hold their own in online play.

2. What's this whole business with EVs? I thought they came from simply defeating other Pokemon and getting XP from them... They're the things affected by vitamins and some berries, right? How do I know the average EVs for my Pokemon?

3. Earlier this morning I made my first Pokemon in Pokesav and stuck it in my team. It was a Torterra that looked like this in Pokesav, but it came out a level 1 with measly stats. What did I do wrong?

More questions will come later, because although I can't think of them at the moment... they're there.

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1. There's a program somewhere that gives you possible natures and such for given IVs. Not sure where it is, though.

If you use PID/IV on Pokesav, it'll show you possible PIDs for those IVs. If there's nothing you like, just change an IV and retry.

2. A guide to EVs: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=703

Here's a code that tells you a Pokemon's EVs. It's off the Official Plat Codes thread.

02000600 61A80C00

02000604 47701C30

1208D3B6 000021A3

1208D3C2 000021A4

1208D3CE 000021A5

1208D3DA 000021A6

1208D3E6 000021A8

1208D3F2 000021A9

1208D3FE 000021A7

1208D368 00002107

1208D374 00002108

0208D37C 1C308328

94000130 FDFF0000

1208D3B6 0000210D

1208D3C2 0000210D

1208D3CE 0000210E

1208D3DA 0000210F

1208D3E6 00002111

1208D3F2 00002112

1208D3FE 00002110

1208D368 00002107

1208D374 00002107

0208D37C F940F773

D2000000 00000000

94000130 FEFF0000

1208D3B6 00002146

1208D3C2 00002146

1208D3CE 00002147

1208D3DA 00002148

1208D3E6 0000214A

1208D3F2 0000214B

1208D3FE 00002149

0208D37C F940F773

1208D368 00002100

1208D374 00002100

0208D37C F940F773

D2000000 00000000

94000130 FCFF0000

1208D3B6 00002113

1208D3C2 00002113

1208D3CE 00002114

1208D3DA 00002115

1208D3E6 00002116

1208D3F2 00002117

1208D3FE 00002118

0208D37C F940F773

1208D368 00002107

1208D374 00002109

0208D37C 1C308328

D2000000 00000000

1.Go to Pokemon Summary screen

2.Hold L or R or L+R button then switch pokemon with UP or Down button.

Hold L = Pokemon Status is replaced by EVs and Exp.Points is replaced by SID

R = Pokemon Status is replaced by IVs , ID.no is Replaced by PID(Low) and Exp.Points is PID(High)

::: PID(low) + ( PID(high) * 65536 ) = PID!

L+R = Pokemon Status is replaced by Contest Stats and Exp.Points is replaced by Happiness

3. Did you go to Stats Edit and hit All Max?

That's a lot of typing. @_@ Hope this helped out.

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Number 3, yes, that's what I forgot to do. o_o And thank you, the first one did help--doing a bit more poking around and finding things I missed.

As for number 2, will that code work in Diamond? Should have specified that. But what I was asking for is the EVs you need to input in Pokesav when you're making one--should I just max out two and randomize the rest? What's a decent randomization of them?

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