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The avatar thread banner competition

which is your favourite?  

30 members have voted

  1. 1. which is your favourite?

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It has been decided that the avatar thread will make a banner.The artists of the thread have decided to make banners and let you the public decide which is best via a public vote here are the entries,











All entries are now in!

Please say who is your favourite and/or why and vote for them on the poll

I urge anyone who looks at this thread to vote for there favourite!

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I tried, but I don't think mines very good. It's been too long since I last used photoshop. :F

I also think we should redo the first post in the thread. Also, if possible, change the thread name to " Avatar creation thread " as that might attract a few more people.




Hello there, this thread is dedicated to creating usable Avatar's for any member on project pokemon. Feel free to request one whenever you want as we have plenty of artists who are more than willing to create one for you.

If you want any specific stylistic flair please let us know when you request the Avatar, this way we can have it closer to what you want it to look like, and it gives us a direction to take as oppose to " I want a shiny Giratina! " Some of the artists also will create a signature for you as well ( one that will match your avatar ) so please feel free to request one of those here as well.

Some rules to take note of!

* No rated "M" Content please! ( This includes nudity and gore to an unnecessary extent )

* Please try and post here in English with decent grammar, not perfect but coherent and readable otherwise we will not be able to understand what you are saying and cannot create your avatar.

* Respect other posters and the artists in the thread.

* If you request an Avatar/Signature, come back and pick it up at some point!

Current active artists:


Dark-type.png Telos

Ghost-type.png Pokemonfan

Water-type.png Narwhal

Steel-type.png Enkidu

Fire-type.png Bear831

Electric-type.png Okami

This is the Original.

this is my brand new avatar thread. it started when someone requested an avatar on Narwhal's and illithiann's sig thread. i made and re-made it 3 times. after it was done, i put it up for the last time. but then Narwhal said that it was a sig thread not a avatar thread.so now i'm opening a avatar thread. so feel free to request a avatar. also, im an artist on Narwhal and illithian's sig thread. so feel free to also request a sig as well.








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Yeah, I find it annoying...also underXray voted for narwhal! Where are all of your votes? Come on people! Give telos and pokemonfan some votes!

(I think if anyone should come in second/first its telos and me) No offense intended towards the other great works :)

:( Telos...:(

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I vote for Enkidu because while Cubone might be a bit fuzzy the background is amazing.

Thanks, I couldn't find a good render so I just took an OK one and sharpened it to hell and back, I still have the PSD though so I can insert any pokemon into that slot ( although the entire thing was based around Cubone )

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