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"Cutest" Pokemon?


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I say Flareon ftw. Flareon may be an UU pokemon but it's cute neverless. I mean look at Flareon's fluff; it makes me want to hug it.



All the other Eeveelutions are fine too lol. Not mine btw.

What does tiering have to do with cuteness? Competitive capabilities has nothing to do with aesthetics.

Yeah, Flareon look the most like Eevee out of all the eeveelutions (especially the shiny version).

[hgsssprite]136[/hgsssprite] [hgsssprite]133[/hgsssprite] [shinysprite]136[/shinysprite]

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Yeah...ehe...not really.

TRULY... (out of starters, not all 493)


And out of LEGENDARY...


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Very cute Pokemon are Elektrice and Mawile:redface:



It´s cute and cool^^

And not to forget Mawile



It´s utterly adorable^^

And of course all starters(+Bayleef and Quilava), all Eevee Evolutions and Vulpix.

And there are Pichu, Pikachu and Raichu. And Growlithe and Skitty.

Anyone who can´t agree with this? No...

There are so many.....

From the legendarys they are of course Mew, Latias, Shaymin, Manaphy, Phione, Celebi and Jirachi.

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