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"Cutest" Pokemon?


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wraith89...lol that was the funniest I didn't watch the whole thing because I'd collapse laughing..I love watching episodes made fun of. Especially when I've seen the episode before. Yeah that episode.

The other one was with paul. I hate paul he abuses his pokemon :( he caught a chimchar and purposefully let it battle and get hurt so that its special ability blaze would activate (how cruel) eventually he abandoned chimchar when it failed his expectations (oh that episode was so sad) and then ash rescued it :) and now it has flashbacks of his days with paul and they aren't pleasant either. The poor chimchar will be stuck with horrible memories of zangoose and paul for the rest of his life :(

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That's the Pokemon Abridged series (Polkamon) by Solarblade00. Watch from the first one, it's quite hilarious, almost in par with Little Kuriboh's YGOTAS.

Anyways, see? I helped someone out >.>

And oh no! They became uncreative enough to recycle a plot device... just amazing. You've convinced me not to watch DPP series, thanks :)

And Turtwig/Piplup are cuter than Chimchar :o

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Ugh, no its not like that...its different then what happened. Here is what happened....

Paul was in the woods one day and saw chimchar running from a pack of zangoose and the zangoose were winning. Chimchar's special ability blaze kicked in and bam it powned the zangoose. Paul was like "fire power hehe for me muhahahahaha" and convinced chimchar life with him was better then in the wild.

Paul and ash became rivals and they were forced to work together in a tag team competition. Paul deliberately put chimchar in danger and a surf would've hit chimchar if it wasn't for pikachu (only time I'm saying yay for uberchu) and then they one the battle. Eventually even after winning the competition paul released chimchar and said..I'm done with you and didn't look back. Chimchar cried and cried then ash and co. showed up and said come with me. Pikachu looked at it cutely and was all like Pika pika.

Chimchar then looked with wet eyes at ash and went char? And decided to give ash a try. Ash loves chimchar and happy days for them both. Its nothing like with charmander.

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Hm, not many Chikorita's. I'd expect it to have a lot of fans since it has huge big cute red eyes, and a leaf on its head that made it adorable! But Drifloon is cute. But Cubone wears its mom's skull on its head. That's not cute.

Cubone is kinda cute... come on :P

Then again, it's subjective... and in my opinion, Politoed is cuter than the rest :P

See? Evolved Pokes can be cute too!

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What, and Meganium isn't cute? I'm just saying, not a lot of people appreciate Chikorita's cuteness. Cubone wears a skull on it's head. Lets say you were his mom (or dad) and you accidentally died. Would you think its cute if he wore your skull on his head?


LOL, now that you put it that way... but still, Cubone is the only one that could do that while being cute.

And I never said Meganium wasn't cute :-/

I really think it is. Look at that geranium... how can you resist it? :P


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and heck i will even throw an adorable picture of Riolu :biggrin:


I change my vote:



After a period of time, this image will be deleted off my webserver. Both to save space, and because I have no idea where I got it from, I just found it on my computer.

I posted that image already,:biggrin: i found it off DeviantArt.

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