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[FOUND::EUR, Req] Pokemon Pearl - Generate shiny egg

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Hello there,

I found the so-called "Shiny code" in the official code list. It seems that it forces the game to calculate a PID that results in a shiny Pokemon. Obviously, the code was made for a US copy of Pearl.

Now, are there any operating system independent methods to port the code or even better, is anyone willing to port the code? I am running Linux and have no Windows available anywhere, wine/mono do a terrible job sometimes, especially in stuff like emulators.

However, I do not need any possibility to get shiny wild pokemon, so that could maybe simplify the job a bit.

If required, I can give an already-completed German Pearl savestate.

EDIT: The code from the url stated in http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=2111 does _not_ work. It simply crashes the game if I activate or deactivate it and encounter a Pokemon or hatch an egg.


02064F24 47104A00
02064F28 02000031
94000130 FCFE0200
02066E14 47084900
02066E18 02000001
02066BE4 47084900
02066BE8 02000051
12066BD8 000046C0
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FCFE0100
02066E14 95019000
02066E18 90022000
02066BE4 43200400
02066BE8 1C28900D
12066BD8 0000D107
D2000000 00000000
62000000 95019000
E2000000 00000080
95019000 90022000
1C28B40D F0684907
1C01FD7B 2901BC0D
4902D101 49024708
00004708 02066E1D
02066DFB 00000000
95019000 69384A04
98046010 4B019A09
00004718 02064F2D
0200002C 00000000
43200400 4907B401
F0686809 1C01FD55
2901BC01 4904D001
900D4708 49031C28
00004708 0200002C
02066BDB 02066BED
D2000000 00000000

seems to work. I don't know yet whether it just overwrites the PID with some generic value or if they're really correctly generated. It looks fine to me, though.

Thank you very much

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