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Tool: PKM File PC <--> Party Converter


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Just as an FYI to all those out there, this project is long dead. You can see my new stuff here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?20984-PKMDS-Code-Library-Gen-V

Hello people.

As you may know, one limitation in adding Pokémon to your game using Pokesav is that you cannot load a PC Pokémon into your party. To be honest, it's a rather silly limitation. Thusly: I have created a tool for converting between the two types of PKM files.

This is a Windows application, which requires the latest .Net Framework to run.

Thanks go to SCV for clearing up the encryption method of the last 100 bytes in a PKM file; thanks go to Sabre for defining the structure of that data.

And just so you all know, this is the first preview of a much bigger project I am working on, which hopefully will also be released (in a beta) rather soon.

Feedback of any kind, whether comments, compliments, positive or negative, errors... is all welcome. Post here or PM me.

EDIT: .BIN files (encrypted and shuffled .PKM files) are now supported.

EDIT: As of June 06, 2009, this should be the last update I make... unless of course someone comes across a bug. I added sprites for the loaded PKM files, which will accurately reflect the sprite used in-game.

PKMDS PC To Party Tool.zip

PKMDS PC To Party Tool.zip

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I can't remember which program it is, but one of the save editors can output .BIN files instead of .PKM files... it might be DSPokeEdit, and I would check right now if I were home.

I would suggest attempting to load the .BIN and see if this program will display the Pokémon's name and stuff like it does with regular .PKM files. There's a chance the file structure is the same, so if that is the case, it should work just fine.

Does anyone really use that file type for this though?

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Pokesav can save/load .BIN files.

yup that's right ^^ ...

when you want to save your pokemon, you can choose between .PKM, and .BIN

if i got the .BIN file .. so i just need to put the hex values of that BIN file to the diamond/pearl savedata

.. in the party/storage hex location directly

.. without converting it first from PKM=>BIN .. or doing any calculation on the BIN/PKM encryption and stuffs .. which i don't really understand how to do it xD

Does anyone really use that file type for this though?

.. uhmm ... not many people need it , i think ...

but i do need that xD

but, i do think that this program has already enough to help us

so you don't have to update it ^^

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You could've just used HxD to add blank bytes into the pkm file, then load it into pokesav and go into stats edit.

But I guess this is easier (albeit not as fun :()

yeah , i know it ... but still .. it will be much easier if i have the program that will do it automatically ^^ ..

hahaha ...

so i don't have to open HxD =_=

since i can't do anything in programming and stuffs (except the basic of using HxD =_= ) , so i really appreciate codemonkey in making this program .. :)

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I have been able to associate PKM files with my programs before (along with giving them an icon for Windows Explorer), but I have not yet figured out how to write to the registry to add context menu entries and stuff.

Besides, I wouldn't want to associate this program with anything. I'd rather save that stuff for the full library / program, so that SAV / PKM files can be associated with a variety of context menu options. Although, I suppose making it a configurable option for the user to choose isn't a bad idea.

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uh mm ... i've already used your program and

codemonkey ... have you already figured the "Trash Data" algorithm in the PKM files

it's in 0x9C-0xD3 "Unknown - Contains Trash Data"

the values shouldn't be all 00 =_=

coz' i see my party pokemon (using the game, not your program) and the values are mixed of "FF"(most of them) and "01" and "00"

well ..i know that it can be fixed by putting the pokemon in the box .. but that will make me work twice , right

put aside of that, the program itself is really2 nice .. since it can automatically calculate my stat xD

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