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Concerning The Battery

Delta Blast Burn

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I would suggest a USB to Gameboy Color cord. It connects to the game on one side, and to the computer USB on the other. You can drag out you save and ROM to your desktop. I was never able to find one, but I'm pretty sure you can find them on Ebay or Amazon. But then again, the Mega Memory Card is much cheaper.

I've never come across a USB device that supports GB/GBC. That era of backup and flashcart devices all used the Parallel Port interface.


This device (the Transferer 2) allows you to take the save file onto your computer or restore it to the game pak. It's more involved than the Mega Memory Card, but useful if you want to use an emulator with your original savegame. If you want to use it, though, you'll need to buy a I/O PCI expansion card with a Parallel Port, unless your computer is old enough to actually still have one on the motherboard.

I do have a Transferer 2, however for the purpose of just having a quick way to back up the save when I want to replace a dead battery, the Mega Memory Card makes more sense.

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