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Does anyone know how to add images to the wiki articles, or if you can add them at all? It would add a lot more color and appeal to the articles. I would be most great full if someone informed me on how to do it or if you can do it at all.


1st go here and upload the picture you want


Now once you upload the picture, remember the full file name example i will use. hahaha.jpg

Now when you edit the wiki page you want, look at your little toolbar click the one next to the big "A". Embedded File

it gives you this


now replace the exmaple.jpg with the picture you uploaded earlier.

so finally we have this


Note: i think the file names are case sensitive

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The title basically says it all. Can someone please explain to me how to make a table on pp wiki? Sort of like the ones on this page. I would most appreciate it. I want to know so that I can use it because it makes the page look nicer in my opinion. Additionally, I've already tried looking at it in edit form and was really confused so if someone would explain it to me I would me most thankful.


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I posted a comment on your profile with an explanation.

Ok I found it and here it is:


I use this table and type:

{| border="1" {| - this is the beginning

| - before every row

|- - needed to make the next row visible

|| to separate the columns (type || number || price) but leave it woithout these || for the last column.

|} - for ending" wrote mewtwo EX

Now what I dont understand is how you make the lines before every row. I dont see those on my keyboard. also what would the beginning look like? Could you give me a simple example?

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| Oh! | So tell me if this is correct

{| Border="1"

|Berry || taste description || battle description


| oran berry || tastyness at an all time high || restores 10 HP


| Lum berry || blah blah blah || Blah blah blah


Is that sort of how its done?

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Would taking pictures straight from the DS game work? Then uploading them? What would you license that as? In that page you have to choose a form of licensing.

Pictures ripped from the ROM, or a screenshot of the game as it's running?

Screenshots would go under "Computer game or video game screenshot" way towards the bottom of the dropdown.

As for a Rom rip...there's nothing that can't be gotten from editing screenshots anyway, so I'd classify them the same as above.

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