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look the pm for the trade

Please edit your OP to conform with the rules.

EDIT: After looking over your list, there's a lot wrong with it. If you get it fixed within 48 hours, I won't close your thread. But a lot needs to be done:

  • English, please.
  • Many fan-made events are not listed under your fan-made list.
  • Identify illegal Pokemon as illegal (NOK, among others). Identify fan-made depending on the legality of it (and many fan made aren't even listed as fan made in your current list). Identify any generated Pokemon as such, etc...
  • List your friend code.
  • And while it's not absolutely necessary, make a format that's aesthetically pleasing.

Otherwise, it'll get closed and you can try again later.

EDIT: Time's up and the two warned topics haven't been changed. Thread closed, posts deleted. Please feel free to re-post as long as your new thread/post follows forum rules.

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