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Midnight's Super Smash Bros. Brawl Textures


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NOTE: If a texture not made by me is used in any of the images, the original creator will be listed under the the image's caption. However, these textures will primarily be mine.

Anyway, let's get started. Click the spoilers to see the textures.

Wooden Backdrop Hanenbow and Chrome Target Smash!! Level 1


My first stage texture ever- Wooden Background Hanenbow!

(NOTE: Saturos Ike in this picture was wade by Kyotita of Kitty Corp.)


Chrome Target Test Level 1... trippy.

(NOTE: Rotom Meta Knight and Soulfly King Dedede were both created by members of Kitty Corp.)


A close-up of one of the targets.



(NOTE: Once again, Rotom Meta Knight created by a member of Kitty Corp.)


Seems like different kinds of chrome cover the place... and the floor is covered with ice and icy grass!

Koopa Beach Circuit V0.5


Here's my unfinished Koopa Beach texture for Mario Circuit.


Some things look goofy and unfitting. I'm still working on this texture, though.



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