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Not really a request for a pokemon at the moment so much as it is a request for people to make ideas for interesting RP-related pokemon characters, and to form parties of them. Other sorts of thematic parties are alright. I would be quite interested in seeing what people can come up with, and create. Eventually, I hope to get the chance to battle a little with these concepts, as well.


My team:

Lævatein, the Forretress.

Ability: Solid Rock

Item: Leftovers

Moveset: Stealth Rock, Poison Spikes, Spikes, Explosion.

Concept: A particularly crazy forretress who has exploded a few too many times. Imagine the voice from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's' Lævatein going "EXPLOSION ~"

Strategy: The spiker. Sets up the rocks and the spikes, then explodes. Designed to be really difficult to kill quickly.

Valentine, the pink Lopunny.

Ability: Cute Charm

Item: Scope Lens

Moveset: Sky Uppercut, Fake Out, U-turn, Recover.

Concept: The more playful and yet frighteningly strong bunnygirl of the group.

Strategy: Comes out second, and uses fake out. U-turn to the next pokemon. Send in to scout between every other pokemon in the party. When left as the last pokemon, go nuts with sky uppercut and heal with recover.

Crevan, the dark Ninetails

Ability: Tinted Lens

Item: Grip Claw

Moveset: Magma Storm, Pursuit, Me First, Roar

Concept: The only male in the group besides the insane forretress. A rather dignified and serene combatant who is profoundly sure of himself, and very difficult to match. There's something about him that speaks of a disturbing power...

Strategy: One of my favorites to play with - not only does he hit like a truck; when he uses Me First, the tinted lens ability and the bonus from Me First makes their own attacks their worst enemies. Magma Storm is for those few who could pose a threat to him, dealing massive damage affected by STAB and trapping them in the vortex for continuous damage. Pursuit is to take out those who invariably try to flee from him. And Roar is to exploit the spikes and rocks, damaging all of the opponent's party, and picking and choosing the ones I want to kill first.

Lumina, the dark Gardevoir

Ability: Bad Dreams

Item: Wise Glasses

Moveset: Dark Pulse, Nightmare, Luster Purge, Dark Void [will soon be replaced with Dark Pulse, Nightmare, Psychic, Dark Void. It needs the additional PP and damage more than it needs the additional % to lower special defense. Unfortuantely the original owner of the character would rather keep Dark Pulse than give in and let me give her Dream Eater, which I suppose is fine, to kill other psychics, ghosts, and deal with dark types]

Concept: A dark, purple Gardevoir who meddles in dark abilities as much as she uses her psychic potential.

Strategy: The sleep-lock. Dark Void and Nightmare are used to give additional damage-over-time and prevent the opponent from retaliating, likely making them shift pokemon often, playing them over the spikes and rocks. Dark Pulse is for taking out that which Luster Purge cannot.

Yuki, the purple Froslass

Ability: Snow Cloak

Item: BrightPowder

Moveset: Blizzard, Hail, Double Team, Healing Wish [will change Healing Wish into Lunar Dance]

Concept: The quiet member of the group, the elusive and frosty ghost. The ninja of the group, but surprisingly gentle when her friends need her help.

Strategy: Frost ninja. Pretty simple. Buff evasion, take advantage of the hail to blast foes with blizzard. When her health is low, sacrifice her to bring a weakened pokemon back into the fight with a vengeance.

Malice, the Mismagius

Ability: Magic Guard

Item: Life Orb

Moveset: Dark Ball, Doom Desire, Confuse Ray, Destiny Bond

Concept: The ghostly librarian of the book, and the most powerful mage of the group.

Strategy: Nuker. She comes in near the end, while it is still hailing, and delivers some late-game punishment, getting STAB and Life Orb free for her Dark Ball spam. Doom Desire is set up as often as possible, while confuse ray is there to frustrate enemies. When her health gets low, take the foe with her with Destiny Bond.

My friend's Frost team [Designed, but not yet implemented]

Glacie, the white Glaceon

Ability: Snow Warning

Held Item: NeverMeltIce

Moveset: Blizzard, Fake Out, U-turn, Milk Drink

Concept: A little glaceon kit, who is very fast and very good at working in cold weather, and, indeed, always seems surrounded by it.

Strategy: The scout of the party, starting off with Fake Out and then using U-turn to switch out. As an added bonus, she keeps the hail constant during the battle. When the chips are down, though, she can hit for some serious damage with her Blizzard, with perfect accuracy and piercing from the hail, and a power boost from STAB and NeverMeltIce. She can use Milk Drink to stay at good HP.

Mischief, the icy Spiritomb

Ability: Ice Body

Held Item: Leftovers

Moveset: Stealth Rock, Poison Spikes, Spikes, Curse

Concept: The mischievous and somewhat dangerous trickster ghost of the party.

Strategy: The spiker of the party, and quite difficult to take down. As long as the hail keeps up, she heals a significant portion of health each turn. When she finishes spiking, she uses curse to get the enemy to switch out, or die from the damage over time. Eventually, she'll keep cursing until she faints.

Verdandi, the barrier Espeon

Ability: Magic Guard

Held Item: Life Orb

Moveset: Psychic, Light Screen, Reflect, Doom Desire

Concept: Glacie's mother, and a rather powerful psychic pokemon.

Strategy: A combination of barrier-maker and sweeper, she has a -very- powerful psychic attack, boosted by STAB and the free Life Orb. She starts with Doom Desire, and sets up barriers, before blasting with psychic and doom desire whenever it is ready.

Cyrille, the brawler girl Gallade

Ability: Snow Cloak

Held Item: BrightPowder

Moveset: Shadow Force, Dragon Dance, Double Team, Leech Seed

Concept: Though the pokemon is male-only, this, at least out-of-game, is a female brawler-girl RP character.

Strategy: A snow ninja, starting off, while hailing, with 30% evasion, and quickly using double team to make it even harder to hit. Unlike most ninjas, this one can take a hit, and, even worse, can -really- hit back. Leech Seeds as soon as possible, provoking a switch-out to utilize the traps even more effectively. The leech seed also sets up for the next pokemon. Uses Dragon Dance after her evasion is high enough, and she boosts her strength and def. Then she starts using shadow force, the one-turn unhittable delay perfect for more hail and leech seed [and hopefully toxic] damage. And when she hits with massively boosted attack, and her already high attack, well, she hits like a truck.

Ciel, the icy Milotic

Ability: Ice Body

Held Item: Leftovers

Moveset: Hydro Cannon, Substitute, Whirlpool, Aqua Ring

Concept: The gentle and yet powerful and beautiful Milotic.

Strategy: Starts off with a Substitute and Aqua ring, setting her up for massive HP gain. Ideally, with hail causing her Ice Body HP gain, her Leftovers, Aqua Ring, and hopefully a leech-seeded enemy, at the end of her turn she'll recover all the HP she used for substitute, and her massive HP makes her substitutes very hard to break. She uses Whirlpool as soon as possible to trap a seeded enemy in play, and Hydro Cannon to blast away her opponents. She can afford the one-turn recharge.

Iris, the Latias

Ability: Ice Body

Held Item: Soul Dew

Moveset: Spacial Rend, Luster Purge, Miracle Eye, Magma Storm

Concept: The powerful, though shy, last member of the group.

Strategy: The last line of attack before Glacie's last stand, and the true sweeper of the group. Her stats are amazing, boosted by the Soul Dew, focusing on Special Attack and Special Defense, with some good speed. Her Spacial Rend and Luster Purge get STAB, but Magma Storm is great for trapping enemies and dealing with the worst of her weaknesses. Miracle Eye shuts down enemy ninjas, and destroys the Dark types sent against her.

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