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anime Pikachu gets owned!


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Ok, I thought this was pretty pleasing to see. This was absolutely amazing and I'm astounded by the strength of pikachu's foe. Uberchu falls to the power of Uberzel. I'm also amazed that piplup of all pokemon was able to bring it down so that dawn could catch it. Here is the link to the episode

"Buizel your way out of this"

I think it would be a great episode to watch if you are a pikachu hater. Enjoy!

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Trust me, this episode does more goodness the more you hate pikachu. If you see pikachu faint a ground type pokemon then you get annoyed. I saw a golem faint because of thunderbolt! I also saw pikachu own a rydon with iron tail. :( So I'm glad to see buizel a water type, crush the uberchu.

It... it actually happened? Buizel owns Uberchu! At last! :D

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