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You guys are just unbelievable. The previous one was going to be my last post but you guys seriously need to read what I say before assuming I'm all for stealing source code and cavalierly looking down on non-Smogonites. And as one of the users known for bringing RAM hacking to the attention of many RNGers, yes, I know how it works, perhaps better than you do.

If this doesn't spell it out for you guys, then too bad: I don't support the two things above.

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I won't pretend that I know what's going on in technical terms, but:

People with mod stars by their name: I expect a bit better behavior from you.

Kaphotics and Tombstone: If you want to leave, leave. No one is forcing you to post or login here.

Tombstone: No idea who you are. Being that this is the only thread you've ever posted in, think again before you post.

Keep petty squabbling off the public boards, please.

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