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REQUEST: Pokémon Platinum (U) Action Replay Codes


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I am not sure if this is the top to post this

I think the Instant Egg code Press X is messed up

When I put 19 in to get Adment it gives me Mild

I try this 4 times and ever time I got Mild

Never Mind I found out what the poblem is for the males the numbers are diffirent then for the females but under the code only the Males are listed

Here are the females

01) Brave

02) Bashful

03) Lax

04) Hardy

05) Mild

06) Relaxed

07) Careful

08) Naive

09) Bold

0a) Gentle

ob) Serious

0c) Adamant

0d) Rash

0e) Timid

0f) Lonely

10) Quiet

11) Impish

12) Quirky

13) Modest

14) Docile

15) Sassy

16) Jolly

17) Naughty

18) Calm

19) Hasty

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I need a code to alter the Contests Won section of the Record System edit for Platinum (to obtain the final star on my trainer card). This feature is available for D/P Pokesav but not Platinum Pokesav.

Thank you for any help you can give and thanks for your time.

Hi, to do this you only need to edita pokemon on pokesav and, on the ribbon slection,chose the Master conteste ribons (i chosse all,but i thik tha,if you chose only one it will also work).

I use thia mwthod and i have all 5 strats on the trainer card

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Hi, I'm fairly new here, so I don't know if this has been asked but, will we be seeing the codes to rebattle the legends (heatran, dialga, palkia, ect.) on platinum anytime soon?

I see it on the request form thing, but there's still no code.

Is there a reason for that?

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Not to pile on, but I too was wondering if legendary rebattle codes will ever be distributed for Platinum version. This is really the only thing that I want right now, as I just learned how to abuse the RNG and want to catch legal legendaries without playing the entire game over again. I noticed that the Platinum version of Pokesav has no legendary flag edit function. Is this why these codes haven't been generated yet?

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Sorrry if I asked this alreadyy, but.

Could someone give me a TRU Arceus, Pichu Colored Pichu, and Gamestop Jirachi codes?

I would also like original WCs with correct dates, the Arceus WC in the 1st slot, the Pichu in the 2nd, and the Jirachi in the 3rd, and to pick them up in the PokeMart for them to be in my Pokedex.

All in AR codes, one per PKM with WC, so in total would be three codes, if the Jirachi is not yet available, its OK, thanks anyway.

Thanks in advance to all who try to help me.

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This is my second time asking.

Infinite Castle Points in Battle Castle

I created it a long time ago for French versions of Platinum, so here's the translated US code :

5000 Points in Battle Castle (L+R) :

94000130 FCFF0000

B2101D40 00000000

10006984 00001388

D2000000 00000000

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i tried the Check Your Own Secret ID code on the Platinum AR Codes page n for some reason its not working on mine, i copied n pasted the code directly into my AR program, if anyone could suggest and alternate code known to work, id apreciate it, either reply to me here or an IM if possible

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