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Well, I've decided to join this webforum. I'm an active member on one other, but I've been to over 5, so I know how to behave. I hope I can meet some friends here and get to know the community a little.

So, hello from me, Kirak.

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Hello Kirak!

Welcome to Project Pokémon! :)

I am always wondering how people can keep up with more fora, and being active everywhere! Only PP will keep me going enough, for the time being... or maybe even too much. Anyway, I greatly hope you will get to know the community a little, for I believe I did not succeed in it so far, but you can give it a try. ;) So, what is your main interest to become a member here? Are you busy with editing/hacking, with competitive battling, with just the games, or something else?

Well, enjoy your time here and I hope to see you again! :)

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Thanks for the reply! I'm here for both. Looks like there's a lot of active members here, So I should be able to meet some cool people.

On the other forum I frequent, their main goal is also Hacking, so I'll be familiar with that type of thing too.

I plan on posting a little more tomorrow, somewhere outside the Welcome forum.

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