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VGC 2012: A Speculation Thread

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Now that VGC2011 is wrapping up after having participants from around the world compete to be crowned champion, we begin a period of uncertainty.

If Nintendo keeps with their trend of not releasing Rules until the middle of October, we will be in the dark for the next two months. All we know is what we were given at the World Championships this year in San Diego: The finals are in Kona, Hawaii, from the 10th to the 12th.

Based on our intuition, we can speculate as to what the next year will hold!

  • Lessened restrictions on the Pokemon that we can enter, so that Generation I-IV Pokemon are allowed.
  • A full year will pass, meaning that more Dream World Pokemon will be available in future updates, allowing for a wider ability and setup pool to choose from. No Gen V Pokemon will be in B/W Dream World.
  • With another year passing, unreleased items may be unveiled. We already have Light Ball, most likely the Pinch Berries will all be released.
  • Wonder Launcher: A rarely utilized battle mechanic that was tested at VGC stops in Australia. It worked very well, so we might get this feature when battling.

Based on these above speculations and the rules (and changes) from previous years, here is what I think will be the rules for the VGC 2012 season:

VGC 2012 Rules

- Double Battle
- Wonder Launcher Enabled
- Preview Enabled
- Level 50 Soft Cap
- Same Battle Time Limit
- Conducted over IR Battle with Battle Box

Banned Pokemon

150 – Mewtwo     
151 – Mew     
248 – Tyranitar 
249 – Lugia     
250 – Ho-Oh     
251 – Celebi     
382 – Kyogre     
383 – Groudon     
384 – Rayquaza     
385 – Jirachi
386 – Deoxys
479 – Rotom
483 – Dialga
484 – Palkia
487 – Giratina
489 – Phione
490 – Manaphy
491 – Darkrai
492 – Shaymin
494 - Victini
643 - Reshiram
644 - Zekrom
645 - Landorus
                  NOT KYUREM (Heatran was not banned in 09, was in 08)
647 - Keldeo 
648 - Meloetta
649 - Genesect

[u]Banned Items[/u]
Soul Dew
Elemental Tapes (Genesect)
(Everything else should be released)

[u]Banned Abilities[/u]
Anything that has not yet been released.

[u]Banned Moves[/u]
- Unreleased Signature Moves of Above Pokemon (Sketch)
-- Includes Judgement

This should provide for a healthier metagame than the limited and hax dependent metagame we had to deal with this past year!


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Are you sure they're gonna open it up to Gen I-IV Pokemon before they release the 3rd iteration of Gen V?

Cause think about this:

You'd end up having

a) Gen I-IV Pokemon who have access to TMs, egg moves, and Move Tutors from previous games.


b) Gen V Pokemon who have access to no Move Tutors.

I'm almost thinking they might open it up to the big legendaries (your banned list) for a year, but keep it at only Gen V. There was a year where they allowed thoes Pokemon, but it was a while ago, back when Platinum was new.

If/when a third game in Gen V gets released, it will most likely have some form of move tutor to increase the amount of moves that Gen V Pokemon can know. I wonder if they'd wait for THAT before also allowing in all the previous Pokemon.

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