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Pokesav Legit Creation Help!

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I Just beat White and decided to go back to playing SS which i had not finished yet, BUT i decided to start over and customize my team from scratch from the start of the game. Basically what i want to do is choose my 6 Pokémon for end-game at the very beginning so i can level with them and kind of create a better bond with them so-to-speak (corny i know). Now i do not want to cheat with these guys at all (well maybe a Shiny or 2) so i want them as legit as possible. I want to have these Pokémon in the box for when i get to the first Center so i can pull them out then.

So my question is how do i create a new character at level 1 (or 5 for my Munchlax mentioned below) in Pokesav HG/SS and keep the info complete and legit for that specific Pokémon?

Any help will be appreciated.

My final team isn't 100% complete yet, but here are the ones i plan so far.

Snorlax (Munchlax until it Evolves of course) will take over for my Totodile and be my level 5 starter. (He's my all-time fav)

Then it's between Nidoran (male), Abra, Anorith, Horsea (for Kingdra), Numel, Electrike, Murkrow, Riolu, and a couple more.

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Presuming I'm understanding correctly.. If you're creating a Pokemon in Pokesav, it's not going to be legit, lol. Legal at best.

(level 1 usually indicates hatched, btw.)

Well that is why i said "As legit as POSSIBLE" :)

If not level 1 then 2 or 3 would be fine as well, i just want it to be statistically correct to the specific Pokémon as if i went out and caught it at that level.

Also i am very new (obviously) to adding new Pokémon so i'm not exactly sure what info is required and how to keep it correct. There's just SO much info you can alter/add in Pokesav that it is a little overwhelming to say the least.

If this doesn't work out then i will have to use AR codes to create wild versions of the Pokémon i want which i don't want to have to do because of how easily AR screws up saves and causes crashes.

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That's not legit, that's legal :/

Anyway, I'm not up for explaining how to create a legal Pokemon right now, (I really need to sleep!), but since it's for in-game play, http://www.pokecheck.org/ has plenty of bred Pokemon. You can check the legality analysis if you like. Just download the file, and since you know about Pokesav, I presume you know how to load them into the sav too.

Though, if you take a poke around the forums, you'll probably find explanations on your question.

edit: have you seen this?


Not sure about this one, but Greencat's should be good.


I'd think some values will be different for HGSS, but I'm sure it can't be that hard to figure out.

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