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PokeGen LEGIT Legendary help :P B/W


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I'm using Pokemon White. So basically whenever I try to create LEGIT legendary Pokemon with the newest version of PokeGen it doesn't work, they're illegal when I'm following everything to make them legal, for instance I send it to my game with Pokemon selector and when I try to trade it over GTS Negotiations it says there was a problem with my Pokemon, because they're not legal. I think the problem is, is that you can't breed legendaries because it works with all my Pokemon besides legendaries. I set all my Pokemon in an egg that hatched at Route 1 and the location Day-Care couple and Encounter Egg/Pal Park/Event/Honey Tree Shaymin. So I tried making a legal shiny Giratina but it was illegal, so then I figured you can't meet a Giratina at level 1 in an egg that's probably the problem, so I used the older version of PokeGen and unchecked egg, made it's encounter Distortion world, made the game Platinum, made it's encounter level 47 and it still was illegal. Then I made sure that all it's moves it learned by either TM's or by leveling up not by a move tutor and it still didn't work when I tried trading it over GTS Negotiations. I'm using my real trainer ID and Secret ID but I generate a shiny ID. I have NO IDEA what I'm doing wrong, it works for every single Pokemon but Legendaries and I'm pretty sure it's not the shiny part because I've made legit shiny Pokemon. Could anyone help me out?

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i know if you want to make legends in 4th gen, you need to download gen 4 pokegen. it's not enough to just put platinum in the box on the first tab there, and you actually have to use a 4th gen ID/SID. but even then you have to transfer the file from 4th gen to 5th gen to get it onto your white, using something like pokecheck.org. (link at the bottom of first post for 4th gen )

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If you want legit pokemon, you can catch them legitimately.

Also, more importantly,


Anything you could possibly want to do with a hacked pokemon does not have any hack checks. Legality doesn't really matter. If you are playing in-game or against friends online or locally, then there are no hack checks.

If you are trying to hack for any other purpose, you can leave.

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